I believe LOVE is everything and the most POWERFUL FORCE in the universe.  At play group or at school waiting for our children to emerge we all have ONE thing in common – LOVE…

Whatever race, colour or creed, whether we are gay, straight, by-sexual or transgrender etc, whichever relgion, and whatever our beiefs & including our animals we all share one thing LOVE.

We love our children, we love our family and friends and hopefully one day we will love ourselves more, so we can love without constraints.

Love is rarely really spoken of or discussed or studied, but it’s LOVE that binds us altogether. Love is that amazing that we are capable of loving anything & everything. We love our families, our friends ‘our sista from another mista’,  our ‘brother from another mother’ we make our friends family – that’s Love.

Love is love.

We love our dogs, cats, horses our pets and they love us!

We love our drinks, favourite foods & comforts.

We love our routines, habits, our ways and that of others.

We love our cars, motorbikes and cycles.

We love our mobiles, ipads, computers and gaming consoles.

We love our favourite actors, actresses and musicians – we make them stars.

We love dining, dancing and socialising.

We love views, forests, beeches and travelling.

We love flying, racing, bike riding or horse riding.

We love sports, exercise, meditation and Being.

Love is love.

There are so many ways that we love, we are THAT POWERFUL.  LOVE IS THAT POWERFUL.

We can love anything and everything, we can choose to love or we can fall in love or sometimes fall over it and it hits you in the face.  Someone or something is taken from you and it’s then you realise just how much you love, how much love you share.

When you go to a funeral it is the love that is spoken of.  The love and the value that was given of sharing that love, that is what is spoken of for example the love of their job in engineering or love of fostering children, love of painting and how many people were touched and inspired by their love.  What is never mentioned at a funeral – never – is how much money you make, never oh so & so lived in a massive house, drove expensive cars, paid all their bills or they died with millions in the bank – no never mentioned only the good, kind and generous things they did.  Only love.

Love is love.

Love is the unseen, untraceable missing link in science, it binds everything together and is so powerful it cannot be seen directly but is everywhere and in everything we do and you see love all the time – a lioness with her cubs, a couple gazing into each other’s eyes, a long lingering kiss, a parent watching their child, watching your loved ones watch a tennis or football match, or a band or car racing seeing their excitement or dismay, watching them play, laugh or cry, when we experience joy that’s love.  Whoever you are attracted to right now is love. Whatever your ‘thing’ is that’s love. 

Love is love.

Love can be the hardest word to say, the only word we can be truly scared of, as if said puts us in a very open, vulnerable position, a place where you have to be really strong.  Love can hurt and cause us immense pain, your heart can break and tear you apart, it can tear down countries and bring down families, but remember LOVE always puts you back together no matter where it comes from…  LOVE IS LOVE.

Love conquers ALL, trust your loves, follow your loves and most of all fall in love with yourself.

Love life and prosper, love yourself and win win win and love another and receive love forever.  

He was warned not to meet the Gorilla he raised.

He was warned not to meet the Gorilla he raised. 🦍 But when they met after 5 years, Everyone's eyes were full of tears. ❤️

Posted by Sadcasm on Sunday, 11 August 2019


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